Sitepass, a Saas offering by Kineo, required a launch-ready website to establish its new offering in the market.

Through a detailed research and analysis process, atomix and Kineo uncovered key target users, their needs and challenges and ultimately created a comprehensive digital strategy and roadmap for long-term success.

Through a detailed digital strategy process, we uncovered opportunities, features and functionality for the new website build project.

The digital strategy compiled the insights gathered during a thorough research and analysis phase, as well as a collaborative strategy workshop held with the Kineo team. A multi-region website strategy was devised to clearly indicate the region-specific site for organic search, as well as to accurately track each region independently through Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

The Sitepass website enables users to easily discover the features and benefits of Kineo’s Sitepass software.

The website helps businesses to understand their compliance requirements to meet their regulatory obligations. The features of Sitepass are displayed clearly, with use cases that speak to a wide variety of industries and applications, and a costing calculator to help users determine the cost of the tool for their unique business requirements.

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