By evolving into a modern, responsive, and user-focused digital space, Resthaven’s online presence is now at the forefront of the aged care industry.

The new website achieved a 40% decrease in bounce rate within 3 months and received overwhelming positive feedback from their community.



With multiple community services, locations and research projects needing to be easily accessible to a wide range of audience types, the new website had to ensure accessibility was at the forefront. Resthaven’s previous website was difficult to use and confusing for many people, resulting in a high bounce rate. They needed to make it simple for people to find the information they were looking for and encourage more visitors to move through the user journey to apply for their services.


After building ideal buyer personas, we were able to put together new architecture for Resthaven’s website, focusing on the information most relevant to those buyer personas. By ensuring the website was structured with these people’s needs in mind, the user experience became much simpler and more intuitive. We included a comprehensive locations map, and split the navigation into primary and secondary menus. We also made sure terminology was consistent across the website to minimise confusion.


To create a highly functional map of all Resthaven’s services with an advanced filter tool, we integrated Google Maps and gave users the ability to view results either on a map of South Australia or as listings. We built functionality into their content management system that allows administration to easily share information across the site without the need to upload or edit multiple versions of the same service.


In the three months since Resthaven’s new website was launched, their homepage has achieved a 40% decrease in bounce rate. Overall, the website’s bounce rate has decreased by 4% and pages per session have increased by 7%, indicating that visitors are more engaged and, especially from the updated, mobile responsive homepage, are able to find the information they need quickly and easily.

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