McMahon’s digital presence now matches their business expertise, with a website that positions them as thought-leaders and displays their competitive edge.

With a bounce rate decrease of 10% and 35% more time spent on the page achieved in the six months since launch, our ongoing partnership with McMahon is focused on improving their visibility and increasing valuable conversions.



While McMahon Services is known as one of the top demolition companies in Australia, they were struggling to direct attention and traffic to their huge range of other construction services. Their old website was out of date, wasn’t mobile responsive, and simply wasn’t powerful enough. Their team needed more flexibility and to be able to attract potential clients to their services, resources and locations.

McMahon Services is a large, professional company working on a national scale – their digital presence needed to be enhanced to support that reality.




In short – more content. McMahon Services’ content would be designed to showcase their expertise across all specialities, provide information about their top-grade equipment and resources, and direct potential clients to related information easily. To make this work, we used a grid-based card design.

Card design lends itself to aggregating lots of content together, so is perfect for McMahon’s multiple services, resources, and locations. It helps to ensure the layout of content across the website is more usable, and makes it easy for McMahon’s employees to relate content items to each other. The design focuses on intuitively giving each user type the information that they’re likely to need.


McMahon’s new website is mobile responsive, and uses HTML5 and CSS3 coding. We built functionality in the WordPress Content Management System that makes it easy for administrators to update and relate new content through the backend. This is a website that is built so that every action is made simple for both users and administrators.

During the build, we used ActiveCampaign to set up email marketing drip campaigns that automatically respond to enquiries. As enquiries are submitted, the contacts are moved into a Customer Relationship Management system that allows the McMahon Services team to easily follow up on leads.


The new website is a great display of McMahon Services’ leadership in the industry. The casual visitor can now clearly and immediately see how large, professional and competitive the company’s services are. It has brought their digital presence up to match their business expertise.

We’re continuing our partnership with McMahon Services by embarking on an ongoing digital marketing, SEO and marketing automation project. Using drip campaigns, lead scoring systems, paid advertising, and best practice SEO techniques, we’re working to improve their visibility and reach to continually increase conversions by potential clients.

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