With an 103% increase in time spent on mobile and 13% increase in organic search traffic, ElectraNet’s new website positions them as an authoritative and industry-leading organisation in the energy industry.

Through audience segmentation and targeted content, business leads can clearly see ElectraNet’s scale and capability, while local communities access engaging and informative resources.




ElectraNet’s previous website was outdated, wasn’t mobile responsive, and had no clear structure for their content, making it difficult to use for almost all their target audience types.

The sheer amount of content required to adequately speak to ElectraNet’s broad range of stakeholders was the biggest challenge. Showcasing capability and scale to potential clients was the primary focus, but one of their other major objectives was to speak to the people receiving and paying for the electricity. The transmission network has a significant impact on rural, regional and metropolitan communities, so educational resources needed to be engaging, informative and readily accessible to increase engagement.



Our solution for ElectraNet was to create a modern, user-friendly website to position them as leaders in their industry, showcase capability and drive new business, while reflecting their core values of safety, innovation and community.

With user flows designed for each audience type and the latest front end technology, the new website would be visually appealing, intuitive, easy-to-use, and responsive across all devices.



To achieve these goals, we implemented key collaborative strategies. First, we held a UX workshop with key ElectraNet stakeholders to get a detailed understanding of their business and audiences. We worked closely with ElectraNet to rewrite and restructure all content across the website, including the development of a content style guide.

Multiple key stakeholders within ElectraNet needed to review and approve each stage and element of the project, by using cloud-based collaborative tools and regular communication, this process was managed seamlessly.



“I liked the willingness to listen to our questions and ideas, bring their expertise to the table and either change or explain why the idea may not work or be the best option.”

Carol Burkevics | Strategic Planning and Communications Manager | ElectraNet


With transmission projects at various stages of completion and located in different areas of Australia, we made it easy to link project information to different pages without needing to re-implement data. We also built a filterable resources area so that each target persona could uncover the right content quickly and easily.

ElectraNet’s website benefits from the latest front end technology, including HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps API integration and Sass, for faster and more intelligent CSS. We worked closely with their team to ensure people of all abilities were able to easily use the website by including multiple accessibility features for the visually impaired.



For a project of this scale, it was important to have regular communication throughout all stages of the project to collaborate effectively with the multiple stakeholders in ElectraNet’s team. We not only communicated through digital channels, but also met with key ElectraNet stakeholders fortnightly to provide a detailed rundown of the project’s progress and ensure their needs and expectations were met.  


“I found the team very easy to work with. I was confident in the technical ability of the team and would suggest that they are on the forefront of the industry. They also worked very hard to make sure I could achieve my outcomes in the shortest time possible but did not hesitate to flag when quality may be compromised, which I appreciated as I wanted an agency that was able to be an ‘adviser’ rather than just a ‘do-er’.”

Sharon Lam | Marketing & Communications Advisor | ElectraNet


Visitors to the website can now immediately and clearly see ElectraNet’s scale and capability, and access engaging and informative resources in the Resource Centre.

The new website effectively reinforces ElectraNet’s position as an industry-leading, safe and reliable organisation to do business with, and acts as an authoritative resource hub on every aspect of South Australia’s electricity generation and supply chain.

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