With a modern website that clearly demonstrates their capability, BRS can promote their success stories to prospective clients and attract new talent through their content.

Clarifying their services and developing an engaging, content-rich platform has decreased the number of visitors bouncing from the website by 30% and increased time spent interacting with the content by 148%.

Our Solution

When BRS came to us, their website didn’t accurately reflect who they were or what they did. For a modern, innovative company, the look and feel of the site was dated and difficult. They were getting a lot of traffic to their content pieces, but because these blogs were published off-site, BRS wasn’t able to benefit from their thought leadership success.

It was important to BRS to choose a digital agency that was aligned with their values and process, and atomix fit the bill. Our collaborative and communicative approach allowed BRS’s key decision makers to participate and give feedback throughout the strategy and planning process.

Strategy & UX

Our strategy was to bring their expertise and capability to the forefront through compelling case studies, an engaging team page, and by bringing the successful blog articles back to their rightful place on the BRS website.

Competitor analysis showed that there was an opportunity to make a website radically different to others in their industry. Where B2B corporate websites can traditionally be dry and difficult to use, we wanted to break the grid and make BRS a user experience ideal, relating content to different services and team members to allow for simple, intuitive browsing.

BRS predominantly gains new business through tenders but we saw an opportunity to turn their website into a marketing tool, allowing them to gain valuable insights into how potential clients were using their website. Customer tracking and CRM integrations give BRS better understanding of the information these companies are looking for.


The main challenge with the building of BRS’s website was making sure their excellent search engine rankings weren’t impaired by merging the existing website and blog sites together. Extensive redirects and SEO work allowed us bring them all under the one roof.

We designed a flexible content page template to allow BRS to create new pages and showcase content in a variety of different ways. We also gave them the ability to relate content pieces to specific team members, promoting not only the capability of the team but also their personality and culture.


The updated website and increased usability has had an immediate impact. There have been 37% more sessions on the website in the three months since launch compared to the three months immediately before. Visitors interact with BRS’s content 148% longer than they did previously, while bounce rate as a whole has decreased 22%.

The Case Studies and Our Team pages are now some of the most highly viewed pages on the website, giving BRS the chance to demonstrate their team’s expertise and capability to prospective clients.

We’re still working with BRS to continually improve outcomes through user testing, customer tracking and analysis of data.

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