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Google Analytics introduces real-time tracking

Friday, February 17, 2012 | By Charlie Olsson

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that Google provides as a solution to help webmasters track their websites statistical data. Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience.

Recently Google announced a new tool to the analytics collection called “Real-Time”.

Real-Time provides webmasters with information and updates about what is happening on their website in “real time” – live. Real time allows us to start seeing the results immediately – this is a great new feature as we can start seeing the results social media posts on twitter or facebook as posts or links to the website are shared.

Real-Time will become a powerful tool for news publications or blog oriented sites as they will now be able to see the impact on their sites traffic and sources when sharing a specific blog post or news article. Through tagging shared article links on Facebook and Twitter with information related to your social media marketing campaigns, you will be able to track the direct impact from those links.

With the release of real-time it brings Googles analytics level with other similar analytics products which already offer some real-time features such as amount of people currently on your site. Before the release of Real-Time, Google Analytics had a delay of three hours and sometimes quite a lot longer, so Real-Time is a considerable step forward as it now allows you to dissect the statistics of what is currently occurring on your site.

Read more at Googles blog post on the new Real-Time analytics tracking feature

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